The Author of Life gives us the seed and the man does his part: plant, harvest and eat. The life is a wonderful gift. Let us take better care of our planet.

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As one of our companies, Lybor Landgraf, is a specialized law on agro-business with more than 15,000 medium-sized and large customer base, the Oxycer created Oxycer Fertilizers and Oxycer Commodities, Oxgreen, to serve its law customers in these two sectors of the national agriculture, NPK supply for planting SOY, SUGAR AND COFFEE and exporting these same products. This is our business in this area.

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Soy Sugar Coffee


The grain yields products and derivatives used by the agricultural industry of food and chemical industry. Its protein results into comestible products (pasta, meat, cereals, prepared blends, beverages and clothing). It is used by the adhesives industry and animal fiber fabrication, coating, paper emulsion. Brazil is the 2nd largest producer of soybeans. In the 2013/2014 crop, the culture occupied an area of 30.1 million hectares amounting to 85.6 million tonnes.


Introduced during the colonial period, the sugarcane has turned into one of the main crops of Brazilian economy. Brazil is not only the largest producer of cane. It is also the first in the world in the production of sugar. Responsible for more than half of the sugar traded in the world, the country should achieve an average rate of increase in production of 3.25% until 2018/19, and reap 47.34 million tonnes of the product.


Due to the diversity of the occupied regions by the culture of coffee, the country produces a variety types of the product, fact that allows to suit different global demands, related to the flavor and even to the prices. This diversity also allows the development of a variety of blends. The Brazil supplies 32% of the world market for in natura grain.

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