Becoming a partner

Our interest for our business partners is focused on NPK providing; Our interest for our business partners is focused on providing NPK; mining companies and sales and purchases of deposits of precious stones in the area of natural resources (mining - iron, nickel, aluminum, copper, bauxite and other noble minerals - mineral water and deposits of marble and precious stones). We always have interest in foreign companies, purchasers for our commodities (soy, sugar and coffee). CIVIL CONSTRUCTION OF BASE: we are selecting large construction companies with expertise in infrastructure to work in the United Arab Emirates (for all these matters, please contact us through our business director

Business channels in Agribusiness

As one of our companies, Lybor Landgraf, It is a specialized law firm on agro-business with a portfolio of more than 15,000 medium and large sizes customers, the Oxycer created Oxycer Fertilizers and Oxycer Commodities, Oxgreen, to serve its advocacy customers in these two sectors of the national agriculture, supply of NPK for the planting of SOY, SUGAR AND COFFEE and exporting these same products. This is our main business channels.

Main Operations

Sales of Brazilian companies to foreign groups; allocation of large Brazilian construction companies to operate in the UAE in infrastructure; NPK imports; commodities export (soy, sugar and coffee); specialized law firm into debts with banks; financial advisory services for debt solutions; acquisitions of mineral deposits, of marbles and precious stones.

Become a Supplier

Send us your proposal to provide raw material through the contact page, fill out the form that we will respond as soon as possible.

Oxycer Career

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