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Welcome to the website of Oxycer. We are proud to have this opportunity to tell you a little about our history, our values, our products and lifestyle.

We hope you have some good entertainment experience along the navigation. Therefore, we present our Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use and conditions of our website. Please read carefully the provisions hereof before starting your navigation, for your safety, clarity and information in our virtual environment. If you have questions, we are at your disposal, just send us a message through our "Contact Us" available at

This Privacy Policy and Terms of Use are intended to maintain the highest standards of integrity for the online visitor website, that henceforth we will call the User.

By accessing and browsing the website, the User accepts without limitation or qualification, the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

In respect to the right of the User to privacy in the Internet world, we implemented this website the necessary steps to preserve the security of personal information that the User may provide to us, in compliance with applicable law.

However, Oxycer may collect personal information voluntarily provided by visitors, such as email addresses, names, addresses, including data, questions, comments, suggestions or the like, being aware of the User that all such information will be treated as non confidential and not protected by property rights. The User authorizes and agree that all information voluntarily by him transmitted or sent may be used by Oxycer or their associates and affiliates for any purpose, including - but not limited to - reproduce, display, transmission, publication, broadcast and post.

Also, when accessing and browsing the website, the User authorizes Oxycer to use, without compensation, any ideas, concepts, know-how or techniques contained in any communication sent by the User to the website for any purpose, including - but not limited a - developing, manufacturing and marketing products and services using such information.

Oxycer makes use of cookies and web beacons. What are cookies? Cookies are small electronic files that a website sends to the personal computer when you visit this site to that. It is a collection of information, and our use of this tool does not imply opening of personal information, but it is entirely focused on the User having a better online experience. And web beacons, which are? In a simplified way, these are images, usually in .gif format, used for the hit count to the website. Ie Oxycer makes use of such a mechanism in order to account for the access to that website and also when sending newsletters and other messages sent by email to the registered User, in order to count the number of subscribers They read the electronic mail forwarded. This procedure is done solely for the development of statistical data on activities and functions which are seen as of greatest interest to the User.

All website content Oxycer is protected by the Copyright Act, being forbidden to User distribute, modify, transmit, reuse, forward or use the site's content with private, public or commercial purposes, including text, images, audio or video, without the written permission of Oxycer.

Images of people or places displayed on the website are owned by Oxycer or are used by it with permission of the holders. The use of these images by Users or by any person, except with written permission from the legal representatives of Oxycer is prohibited.

Any and all trademarks, logos, names and logos displayed on the website are trademarks of Oxycer or third parties. Nothing contained on the website should be construed as granting, by implication, or forfeiture, or otherwise, any license or right to use any trademark displayed on the website.

The website will provide access to links referring to other websites whose privacy policies and terms of use may be different from here adopted by Oxycer. Privacy policies and terms of use of such other sites are not controlled by Oxycer, and this is not responsible for the practices and policies of third parties, given that the visit to all other sites is at the User's responsibility.

Oxycer assumes no liability or responsibility for errors or omissions in the website content. In the event of viral infection of the computer / User software, it recognizes that Oxycer took all reasonable steps to ensure that such a situation did not occur. However, if it occurs such a situation, Oxycer is not responsible, and the User acknowledges and accepts the risks and weathering to which they are subjected to Internet and access the website.

Oxycer assumes no responsibility and shall not be liable for damages that may occur on your computer / software or other equipment, because of the access or navigation on the website by the User or by downloading or uploading any materials, data, text, images, video or audio from the site, or viruses that may infect them, as described in clause 11.

The User, when performing upload photos, videos, comments, texts and other forms of personal expression, always voluntarily in the Oxycer site, represent and understand that you are solely responsible for all material you submit, including - but not limited to - information that contains rights related to them, licenses, consents and permissions to authorize Oxycer the use of trademarks, patents, trade secrets, copyright or other rights related to the property and the image for the purposes of this Terms and Privacy Policy and website .

The User retains the rights on what to send to the website, however, when you choose to upload the website of Oxycer, states that it may make use of (also described in clause 13) in the form of a license to use, fully cleared and relieved from paying royalties or other financial charges on property rights and image. In addition, it allows Oxycer make use, reproduce, distribute, produce works derived therefrom and veicule in any formats and media types, such items also in accordance with clause 4.

The download area is focused on the personal use of the User and this states that it will make use of items available for downloading for commercial purposes, failing which bear the appropriate legal consequences for the repair of any damages as Oxycer due to the use misuse of these items, described primarily in clauses 9:07.

Oxycer may at any time revise and update this Privacy Policy and Terms of Use and may also make changes to the content or any link. If this actually happens, the most significant changes will be formatted in a separate color amid the ancient text for a period of thirty (30) days. The User will be bound by any such revisions.

If you do not approve or agree with the provisions of this Privacy Policy and Terms of Use pursuant described herein do not browse the website of Oxycer.

If the User wants to terminate your registration on the website of Oxycer or to speak about doubts and other events related to this Privacy Policy and Terms of Use, you should get in touch through the "Contact Us" channel, available at: http: //

The User is aware that Oxycer is a global company and also make use of the internet as a vehicle for the collection and processing of your personal information by transferring such data across international borders. This Privacy Policy and Terms of Use provide all the information you need User (simplified mode) to make a properly informed decision whether to use this website and to whether or not your personal information for Oxycer. Thus, by opting for access to this website and communicating electronically with Oxycer, the User is aware of and consent to the processing of your indirect personal information in the manner described in this Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. If it would request certain information such as, contests, information or details of new products, we will need direct personal information such as name, address and e-mail. In this case, the User recognizes expressly consent to the collection and use by Oxycer of your personal information. This personal information will be used for the sole purpose of attending to your request. For questions related to this Privacy Policy and Terms of Use, we ask that you contact Oxycer through the link "Contact Us" available at

All texts, photos, videos and watercolors are the intellectual property of Oxycer, being prohibited any reproduction, copying or plagiarism, ex vi legis.

It is the elected forum of Central Maringa County as competent to resolve any doubts arising from the business of this site and this privacy policy and terms of use.

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