Group Structure

The twenty main business of Oxycer are linked to advocacy area specialized in development credit and banking law, expertise and management for debt with banks solutions; exclusive business area in the fusion and acquisition of companies by foreign group NPK fertilizers for specific production of soybeans, sugar and coffee and exporting of commodities (soy, sugar and coffee). Another segment of our company is the area of geology and mining, prospecting mineral resources and fostering businesses in this sector. We also work with technology in recycling and processing of waste and pollutants garbage, and clever cultivation through satellite monitoring. Oxycer is also dedicated to the manufacturing of classic furniture, such business blossomed as a hobby of the group chief executive, and today is already been an export object. Business in oil area, derivatives and gas; environmental projects; expert staff attracting international financial resources and a pool company of business to business formed by five CEOS across borders. We are the patent owners and industrial resin formula for manufacturing of marbled floors. And also belongs to the group – AVEN LANDGRAF - a studio and advertising agengy that is focused on care in worldwide campaigns. The OxyTrade is our strong arm for international trade, carrying out import and export business and Oxycer Engineering & Infrastructure - Joint Venture with Brazilian-based construction companies to operate in the UAE.


In Oxycer, the senior management consists of CEO, Business Board, Superintendent, along with CEOs and deputy CEOs and Business Executives from the related companies of the group.

Our history

Our president, Pericles Landgraf, had legal training from the University of São Paulo - USP (1986-1991). It started with the advocacy when he, having guidance of the Spirit of God, he pioneered the service on national agriculture in a historical moment of great financial and economic crisis, imminent danger time of transferring the means of production from farmers to bankers. The history of Oxycer mixes with the history of the national agriculture crisis of the 90s, when our president in a visionary attitude investigated as a jurist, what were the limits of legality and the rights of national farmers in the relations of financial loans with banks to defray the agricultural crops. One of the group companies, Lybor Landgraf, was and has been a stronghold in the protection of these rights related to food production in Brazil.

Our Values

Constant vigilance, dedication, improvement, professionalism, truth, trust and humility. "With constant vigilance at all, with arduous dedication, always wanting to improve the excellence of professionalism, with established character in the truth and humility of mind, we can say that our customers can trust us; the authorities can trust us; that employees can trust us and that companies that have business connections with us they can trust us.
Péricles Landgraf - Founder | President


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Oxycer Career

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